Consumers make over
every month for
vitamins and supplements
in the USA
Consumers make over
searches every month for vitamins and supplements in the USA

Why should I care about search data?

Compared to other methods like focus groups and surveys, search represents a source of truth for consumers’ unstated behaviour.

It can be used to identify emerging trends and consumer patterns, as well as how popular a brand/product is compared to competitors.

More importantly, search data represents the largest unbiased consumer dataset the Internet has to offer.

We looked across

brands and found

to be the best performing brand on search.

This means that it has the most searches per month.


Top 10 brands based on volume

High search volume is indicative of consumer awareness.

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Top Products

Search data even has the ability to provide granular insights at the product level. Consumers searched the most about

, with an average search volume of


Overall, the top categories that make up vitamins and supplements are

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Most Searched Products

What this means

Most-searched products can be viewed as dominant products that set the standard for their category. Any new products that wish to outperform most-searched products must offer similar benefits, and differentiate themselves through strategic brand communication.

Identifying trending products can help with the sales curve, but when looked at as a whole, trending products can also reveal shifting consumer preferences and purchase behaviour.

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